March 1, 2021

Impact of trees in Applecross and why they increase the value of the neighbourhood

Applecross is famous for majestic Jacaranda trees, transforming our neighbourhood into a picturesque lavender Monet painting during spring which is arguably the most beautiful time of the year for residents. Purple blossoms line up the street, symbolising the return of warm and sunny days. In fact, this key distinguishing feature of the riverside suburb is so popular and widely-appreciated, there’s an annual Jacaranda Festival to celebrate its arrival. 

What many residents are not aware of is mature trees, plants and botanical surroundings add so much value and charm to the vibrant neighbourhood. Listening to a podcast by Jeff Speck, the author of “Creating Walkable Cities”, I would like to share with you the often overlooked reasons why mature trees greatly enhance the value of neighbourhoods. 

  • They increase neighbourhood safety. Trees improve the safety of the roads for pedestrians, encouraging a walkable neighbourhood because cars drive noticeably slower and are more careful around these large natural structures. This encourages greater community engagement from the young and old. 
  • They improve the local climate. Did you know that a single tree has the same impact as 10 room-sized air conditioners running for 20 hours? With a collection of trees, studies show that summer daytime temperatures can lower by up to 5 degrees. That’s literally pretty cool, right? 
  • They provide significant stormwater quantity and control benefits. Mature trees absorb up to 35 per cent of rainwater. With a hundred mature trees, the neighbourhood can save approximately 500,000 Litres of water from going to storm. This takes off significant pressure from the local infrastructure.
  • They enhance health and wellness. According to the Global Wellness Institute, our living environment can influence up to 90% of our health outcomes. This makes Applecross an ideal place to live in. Aside from improving air quality, trees also transform mere spaces into high-quality nature zones for wellness activities. Lush greenery also evokes a sense of serenity and a feeling of effortless calm. 

If you are interested in joining an eco-friendly neighbourhood or discuss how we can market your Applecross residence, get in touch with me today so we can start exploring options.